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Oil of Oregano in combination with garlic capsules (buy the odorless garlic!)taken 3 times daily works well. I have had recurring urinary tract infections since I was a kid (I'm 57 now). I tired of the side effects that antibiotics cause & have found that the natural way is better.

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I use Oil of Oregano (with oj or apple cidar) every time I or someone in my family has symptoms of a cold, flu, strep throat.....any internal virus. It is amazing stuff!!


I have only gotten 2 UTIs in the past 15 years. I, too, swear by Oregano Oil. I drink Apple Cider Vinegar daily but it did not prevent me from recently getting a UTI. Here's my tried, tested, and true UTI remedy:

- Oreganol (Oil of Oregano)
Kills bacteria
- Triple-strength Cranberry w/Vit C
Prevents bacteria from sticking to bladder walls
- Pro-biotics - In the billions with various strains including the two Lactobacillus strains beneficial to the urinary tract: L-Rhamnosus and L-Fermentum
Restores healthy flora

I just finish up each bottle as a full course of treatment, even though the symptoms are completely gone after 3 days. Cures UTI without antibiotics.


Hello, thanks for the info. Been battling uti for 2 months now shall i say i got a recurrent uti, i took antibiotics but still coming back, felt hopeless . So i wanted try the alternative meds for it. Where can i buy oregano oil? Again thanks

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