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I don't have a remedy except hindsight and getting the infected teeth extracted as soon as you can.

Four years ago I had two back molars (one on each side, YAY!) *break* on me, so I had to get them extracted. They gave me Vicodin for the pain, BUT the rest of my teeth on my right side were still crap; since I have Medicare/Medi-Cal, the dentists around me (Western Dental, even) saw me as a nobody, so I had to get them extracted at the ghetto hospital that accepted my 'insurance'/that my primary care doctor set me up with. They did not listen to me when I told them that I truly needed the entire bottom right (and probably front) row removed and told me to 'take care' of the rest of the teeth after the extraction.

They didn't know (or care, because I DID tell them) that brushing the teeth would make the pain worse and make everything bleed. I've been rinsing with water ever since the extractions, but now those same teeth I was worried about are indeed causing the same amount of excruciating, tears+JESUSCHRISTIWANNAKILLMYSELF kind of pain I experienced before. I still have Vicodin, but I truly don't want to overdose (which I could easily do). Right now I'm only up because I tried the remedies listed here and

-- vanilla extract make it hurt ten times worse (WTF, people? And yes, I used pure vanilla extract)

-- peroxide+water made me throw up (because it tasted like bleach to me, and I'm overly sensitive to the smell of bleach)

-- I will NOT try the clove oil thing because I am ALSO overly sensitive to cloves and cannot be around them when they're smoked, burned or applied to the skin

I did notice though, since I can't chew on that side or even let real food come in contact with that side and have to eat things like soup that ramen and Campbell's Chicken Noodle (I also have a cold at the moment) don't bother my teeth so much, and was tolerable, probably because of the salt content. I got some antibiotics from the doctor today but will be seeing a real dentist on Monday...I just hope I can last until then. I'm sure it's pathetic for my girlfriend to see a grown man cry all the time. :(

P.S. Interestingly enough, that garlic-taped-to-the-wrist thing? Haven't tried it, but I did try rubbing/massaging that spot on my wrist and the pain subsided a little. Maybe it has to do with pressure points?

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tooth pain usually effects the nerves . nerve ending are in the fingertips. to relieve nerve pain massage , pinch , apply pressure to your fingertips . if your molars on the right side of your mouth hurts massage the pinkie of your right hand. if the tooth next to your right side molars hurts the nerve endings are in the second finger of the right hand . if the left side of your mouth hurts put pressure on the tips of your left hand pinkie for back tooth thumb for front on each side . doing this will eliminate the tooth pain because you are manipulating the affected nerve .complete pain relief comes within minutes ,

the friendly nurse

Hey don't feel bad. Im a 37 year old NURSE and my butt was crying like a baby too. And I am no weekling ive broken 18 bones at once AND had two children NATURALLY. That wasnt Crap when i came to my toothache.THats a whole new UNBARIBLE PAIN.i hope your feeling better. and im sure your girlfriend understands...if shes ever had a toothache of her own. If NOT then GOD BLESS HER, she needs to consider herself LUCKY. and i happened to study a lil about preasure points...its real and GARLIC needs to be your very best friend.It Is a miricle curer and so is olive oil (PLAIN) extra virgin olive oil use it andthe garlic. on all kinds of stuff. EX: warm olive oil When soaked in garlic releaves earaches. olive oil itself will help...but try peeling and dicing a few cloves of garlic put em in a jar with olive oil and letin marinate. use it warm for ear aches, knee pain,sprains , strains, and all sorts of stuff. for men...this marinated oil has helped men in there relationships (lovemaking-increases stanima)...maybe you girl willlforget all about your toothache. good luck


Use a wet tea bag between cheek and gum it really works, just regular black tea not flavored kind, wonderful pain relief.

Kade & Jessica

I know exactly what you're all going through, My wife is suffering from a similar problem currently and she is paying for it dearly! I want to do whatever I can but it's like nobody cares, medicaid and the medicaid health insurance won't respond which shows that they don't care. We've even tried to get help with it from local agencies and nobody for some reason has any funds to assist with something ever at all! It's so sad, and my wife and I are barely getting by as is because most our money goes to our home and car and bills and our kids we have very little left over for ourselves to afford to take care of the problem. I'd take her to the hospital in a heartbeat but she doesn't like doctors at hospitals because she's been hurt by too many before so she refuses to go and I can't exactly make her but then I feel stuck cus there's nothing I can do to help her at all and she only suffers longer.


Poor baby,I feel your pain!I am a 27yr old mother[i've had 3 c-sections!]i thought childbirth pain was the worst pain ever,boy was i wrong!I know what you mean about the dentists'ignoring your complaints.I have had a total 5 teeth pulled-out and i had to damn near strangle one of the dentists'on every occasion,just to get them to pull em.I have medi-cal too and it sucks because Western Dental is about as good as it gets.You have to be very aggressive in telling them you want your tooth pulled. They will try to sway you,don't let them.The reason for this is that medi-cal doesn't pay them much for extracted or 'pulled out' teeth,so they will try to talk you into getting your problem teeth,root canaled.The problem with this is that medi-cal has to be sent x-rays of your mouth before they'll approve any root canals,so basically the dentist will give you a little ass prescribtion of pain medicine[maybe enough for a week]and then have the nerve to tell you after the fact'by the way,it's gonna take 30-45 days before medi-cal will send us clearance for your root canal'. So after a week of popping pain pills,the pain is still there and they expect people to sit there for the remainder of that time with their mouth all messed-up until clearance comes!Ain't that a b****h!When all else fails and they can't talk you into root canal,then they'll focus on only one tooth[the worst looking one]and pull only that one and not say anything about the other 4 or 5 that are killing you.One good thing though,is that now after you are 21 years of age medi-cal will no longer pay for dental work other than extractions!If worse comes to worse go in and have em pulled 1 at a time.Make an appt,tell them only of the pain in one of the teeth,likely they'll try to get you to 'save'the tooth,you DO NOT have to consent to this!Tell them thanks but no thanks,the tooth is killing you,making your jawline,around your ear,and the surrounding teeth throb.Tell them you dont want prolong the pain any further[be firm]and they have no choice but to pull it,they might be a little annoyed that they couldn't sway you but too bad.Wait a couple of weeks[if u can stand the pain that long]and then make another appt[the pain medicine and anti-biotics that they give you for the 1st pulled tooth,will help with any 'other' tooth pain]at that appt,tell them that since you were last there you've been taking all your meds and praticeing good oral hygiene habits and your teeth overall feel a lot better but there is still one that is throbbing immensely and causing too much pain.As dentist they know damn well that pain[of any kind]is an indication that something is wrong]you'll have to go through the usual'save the tooth'lecture,but remember,stand firm,pulling a tooth out is always the last option a dentist wants to resort to but be persistant and they have no choice.Hope this help out!

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