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I tried all of these remedies! Vinager, musturd, milk, etc. I took a luke warm bath for about 10-15 min. and kept appling aloe. I didnt care about the peeling just wanted the burning/stinging to stop. After about an hour of constently appling the aloe it was gone!

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What about the stickiness??


Yah, I absolutely hate when I put aloe vera gel on and it dries, then you try to sit down and your shirt sticks to your back and ruins your shirt....then my mom found some liquid aloe vera, it's literally like water consistency, she put it on my back for me and in about 30 seconds it was all dried up to the touch and I could sit with my shirt on and not be uncomfortable.... aloe's also a pain when you're sleeping....I wish they could make one that isn't sticky when it dries!!! That would make my life so much easier.

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