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I am only 19 years old. I figured out that I probably have genital warts a few months ago. I'm way too scared to tell anyone about this. I refuse to tell my parents, doctor, or even my best friends about it. I had unprotected sex with a good friend of mine. Stupid of me. I'm not the type of girl to have sex with people and one of the random times that I do, I catch something of course. I guess we all learn from our mistakes, even if it's too late. Anyways...I don't know what to do. I 'm trying every remedy on this website because I am so desparate for help. I wish I had someone who I could trust and feel comfortable enough with to take me to the doctor. I know if I were to ask anyone i would be judged, I already feel depressed enough because of this. I'm not even a hundred percent sure that this is GW but whatever it is it sucks. I'm always tingling, itching, theres blisters or warts i dont really know which one they are...they dont really hurt that much but theres a lot of them and it's disgusting. Can anyone please help me and give me advice. I really really need someone to talk to who has the same problem as me, or went through the same problem as me.

Thankyou so much.

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THERE IS NO HOME REMEDY/CURE for this. You can remove them sure but the first thing to do is face facts.....You have an STD. Its more common than you think. Next go to an STD clinic. Take the test to correctly determine what you have. Now if its HPV you can eat all the fruit and vitamins you like but go with the professional approach... You fall into the age group that means you can get the HPV shots, they are not cheap but this is your health. The HPV epidemic (1 in 4 adults) is just starting so it wont go away. Get the shots, take care of your GW by Cauterizing/burning whatever your doctor recommends and go back for regular check ups. you sure can boost your immunity but you cant cure it. Learn to manage it and notice anytime you think you have an outbreak, pop in and check it out. Good Luck

stds suck

Dude chill with the caps. It's not that serious the virus has been around since mankind has been here. Your body will eventually take its course and get rid of the warts but you will always contain the virus with in. To the woman who's husband supposedly I'm not defending him but the virus can stay dormant for years without any warts appearing so if he was sexually active before you 2 met he could've barely flared up. So perhaps he never cheated unless he claimed he was a virgin before you and that doesn't mean you could've got it from someone else and barely get an outbreak. You could still have the virus with a normal pap test. As for myself I've been using protection and I recently found some wart like bumps. I'm sure its warts but I'll go to the doctor ASAP. Everyone should always get checked no matter what to at least get a professional opinion cause hpv can cause cancer especially in woman. Men too are susceptible to cancer from this virus but the chances are much lower.


I have them and need to get rid of the lumps and thats it for now.
Thanx Drakilo


Drakilo again
plz replys to
NO PARENTS, DOCTORS, and perferably not too much pain.
Thanx Drakilo


hey sweetheart i completely understand what you are going through. a few years ago i went to the dr becuase i was just having an anual test at the time all was well but she noticed that i had TONS of flat warts all over my knees. flat warts are just tiny little bumps that you can pick burn freeze whatever and they still do not go away. she told me about taking a heartburn medicine 2 pills 3 times a day and let me tell you that every single one of my warts were gone with in two months it may have been less becuase it was so long ago and i got so accustomed to taking them i didnt even look. these warts were there since before i could remember as a child and they are all gone. well i am pregnant now and my dr told me that i have hpv and becuase my immune system is low i have one very small bump down there i dont know if it is a gw but i am not going to take any chances i already bought some more of the walmart brand of zantac and have started taking them today. because of my immune system i am going to start taking something to lift it. vitamin c is a great thing to take. i truly belive if you try this that you will get rid of them and anyone else reading this... have faith and i promis you they will go away.

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