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I am only 19 years old. I figured out that I probably have genital warts a few months ago. I'm way too scared to tell anyone about this. I refuse to tell my parents, doctor, or even my best friends about it. I had unprotected sex with a good friend of mine. Stupid of me. I'm not the type of girl to have sex with people and one of the random times that I do, I catch something of course. I guess we all learn from our mistakes, even if it's too late. Anyways...I don't know what to do. I 'm trying every remedy on this website because I am so desparate for help. I wish I had someone who I could trust and feel comfortable enough with to take me to the doctor. I know if I were to ask anyone i would be judged, I already feel depressed enough because of this. I'm not even a hundred percent sure that this is GW but whatever it is it sucks. I'm always tingling, itching, theres blisters or warts i dont really know which one they are...they dont really hurt that much but theres a lot of them and it's disgusting. Can anyone please help me and give me advice. I really really need someone to talk to who has the same problem as me, or went through the same problem as me.

Thankyou so much.

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Don't feel depressed about it. When i found out i had them i was embarrassed and kind of upset too. It's actually very, very common. More common than you might think. And now with the whole HPV thing, its even more common. My fiance actually went to the dermatologist cuz he though he had a mole down by his private area and it was multiplying. Here we found out that it was a wart. So his dr recommended that i go see my dr. I already had an appointment the same week so i mentioned it and sure enough i had them too. Theres no point in worrying cuz ya cant fix it now. But you can do things to make them go away and fight the virus. My doctor told me to take vitamins and eat and sleep well to boost my immune system. I even got treated at the doctor for them. I had to go back 3 times. Part of one fell off but there was still another one also that was still there. I recommend you do go to the doctors. Dont feel embarrassed, with as common as they are you have no reason to be. Just explain to them that you think you may have gotten them and you wanna check it out. Imagine all the things those doctors see. This is probably one of the less embarrasing things they've seen. But if you dont want to go to the doctor just do an image search on the net for genital warts and some pics will show up. Now not all warts look the same. Mine are the same color as my skin, kind of a pinkish color and they are really just like extra peices of skin hanging off. They arent hard and rough like warts on your hands. Now my fiances are more of a grayish color but they are not rough either. You can have just one in an area or you can have a few bunched together. They describe it as a califlour looking wart when they are together. They are also itchy at times. Mine dont hurt but they do itch sometimes. Depending on where they are located they can be uncomfortable and get irritated. Im actually pretty luck, i only have two of them. I cant really tell ya what to try cuz i havent found anything that has worked for me yet either. I'm trying the apple cider vinegar right now and all it did was shrink one of them. My problem is that i cant put a bandage over them cuz they are in awkward places. So i cant soak them in the acv. I'm sorry i cant help ya with that. But if you have anymore questions just ask. I come on here everyday just to see if anyone has found anything new. But dont be worried and embarrased. More people have them than you know.


little girl you need to tell your parents and that's the best advice I can give...there is really no reason for you to feel scared now...although this is a truly sad situation you were grown enough to lay down now you have to suffer the consequences of your actions...sorry but that's how the cookie crumbles. Please tell your parents before you endanger your health anymore...


Go to your local health department for treatment. They will take care of it. Your dr doesn't have to know.


Wow person #2 really just got me upset for saying that....anyways I'm 17 an I am in the same situation as you...although I waited a little I did tell my mom because I had to see a doctor...but since your 19 you should be able to go on your own...anyways you need to eat vegetable fruits nd healthy things and cut off the junk to build your immune system,a lot of vitamin and I used the apple cider vinegar and its working but additional to that the docotor prescribed an ointment for me to use which is suppose to build up anti bodies nd make the warts fall off its only been a week since my warts and they all fell off but it still itches....the apple cider vinegar is not something u could leave there if its in your genital area I put like a quater of a glass of acv in a bowl nd a lil bit of warm water to dilute it nd I sit ova the toliet and I tip the bowl to fall ova it I than cup my hand underneath so it can touch the warts some more nd I repeat this til the bowl is finish Believe me the shit burns! But it burns them lil mother fuckas away! So it'll hurt but now it became motivation to me when I see how fast the acv works so do what you have to do...but for starters go see a doctor...AND YOU DON'T HAVE TO TELL YOUR PARENTS


I agree; person number 2, obviously you have never been in a situation that forces you to compromise your dignity. It's very disheartening and can be very depressing. As much as people need to deal with their actions, some sympathy here and there never hurt anyone. (Well karma's a i hope it catches up with you one day).

As for the GW situation, I myself just found out I had HPV... I am 19, didn't want to tell my parents (naturally)...but I ended up getting a Pap Smear from my university health center and it showed up with HPV, so I had to go get a Colposcopy (a more in depth test) to make sure that it was not cervical cancer. You can always go to Planned Parenthood if you don't want to go to your real doctor. That might be an option for you to consider. I would go get tested though, just to make sure you're in the clear from a more serious virus.

I have three little pink bumps (they look like little white heads)...they didn't show up until after I got my tests done but I'm assuming they are warts from the HPV. They itch really badly. I'm going to try the apple cider vinegar tomorrow...hopefully that works.

I am so sorry that you have to go through this, it is really hard and I just dealt with the parents part, but I completely empathize with you. Good luck with everything! Don't get too discouraged, we are blessed to be alive.


I'm really sorry you're dealing with this also. I'm 23 and found out when I was 18 that I had it. I had a boyfriend who was MUCH older but I did't know any better.

That second comment.. you're either a terrible mother or just some rude person who thinks they know it all! A 19 year old girl shouldn't have to tell her parents she has an std. That's between her and her doctor!

Don't be so worried about going to the doctor. It's not that bad talking about it with them at all! They are really helpful and see it everyday.. all day! It really does suck to have to deal with it but it gets better as time goes on.

It's a virus. Which means you need a strong immune system to fight off problems. It isn't a cure.. but this really helps! Take Lysine. It's a vitamin you can buy for your immune system. It helps prevent all types of break outs from different viruses. Take on 1000ml a day. You can find this at walmart and know one knows why you're really buying it. It helps keep all break outs away and helps a little to make the ones you do have go away until you find away.

Good luck.. and don't be so scared. I promise life will go on. :-)


I discovered that I had genital warts while I was pregnant. They seem to come out when the immune system is weak. The cure for me was: I diluted a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar with some water and dipped a cotton pad into the solution. Then I put the cotton pad on the warts, and used a maxi pad on my underwear so it didn't leak. I re-did this every 4 hours, even at night. It'll sting at first, then the warts will eventually change size, change color and disappear. It took about a week to disappear. If it stings too much, you can add more water at first, then as you get used to it, add less water to the apple cider vinegar. Since then, I've never had a problem with warts coming back.


from what I understand now even the CDC Says your body clears the virus within two years, meaning it is at least no longer contagious.


To the last comment. I'm really glad u said that. For some reason I thought I was hearing things when my doctor said my body would fight it off within two years. I'm really happy now I knwo I was not hearing things when she said that. Almost gives me hope that if I stay healthy this can all pass. Thank you!


hey sweetheart don't worry alot of people have these im 21 and found out i had them when i went to my dr for a yearly exam my husband had cheated on me and that's how i got them stupid stupid men. but the point is go to the dr they want tell any one and just get treatment you dont want them to get any worse so go soon as you can. good luck

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