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I used permanent hair dye and both the lice and nits were gone within a day. I color my hair anyways, so it was time to touch it up and I left it on 10 extra minutes and it killed the lice and nits and I've been lice-free since.

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that hair dye did not kill the lice that is a fluke. I have been a hairstylist for 14 years and not once have we recommended coloring the hair. the treatment we do suggest if a parent wants to get rid of it is to you mayo not salad dressing but mayo. wet their hair smooth on mayo making sure it covers roots and all. wrap in saran wrap tight for at least 2 hours. then rinse with water then with white vinegar then water again. comb to make sure all nits stop every 45 min cause your eyes will adjust and you may miss them. check every day for 5 days but if you got all the nits they should be gone. and always remember to bag up all bedding and items as such washing them will not stop them they live through shampoos so they will survive a wash cycle.


well i used mayo and that did not work either so mabey everyone is still going to try the hair dye thing


I have found success in treating with hair coler as well, however, I have not had luck with the mayo. Perhaps we are the flukes, but whatever works, right? I do much appreciate the feedback, though, and I will certainly be getting me some vinegar. My daughter's school is constantly infested, and the school rarely sends a notice. I spend SO much money getting rid of this stuff, and I treat everything properly. I have stated using pure tea tree oil and an InStyler to help keep them at bay.


My teen-age daughter begged me to dye her hair red last night, and while doing so I discovered that she had nits all through her hair. (If I hadn't already began to apply the dye, I would have treated her for lice first). Afterward I was unable to find the nits to comb/pick them them out!?! I had gotten online to see if maybe they had been dyed red also to where I couldn't see them, but everything I'd read said that the hair color would NOT dye the nits. To be safe, I sat down with her today to go through her hair bit by bit to see if I could see anything.. but there's NOTHING there! She DOES have a problem with dandruff, but what I found while doing her hair was lice eggs. I'm not sure if it was the hair dye in general, or the color/brand that we all used... but it most definitely got rid of the lice AND nits!


try metho has worked everytime for me on my girls for five years. soak the hair wrap it in cling wrap for 30 mins then 3 days later repeat have fun.


I read an article online that said using a flat iron kills the lice and the heat makes the eggs pop and die. Makes sense cause you are supposed to wash everything in hot water and put in dryer extra long so the heat kills them

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