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To the person that submitted the remedy 'Tylenol PM'.....THANK YOU!!! I tried this last night. I have to say tho that it did burn for about 3 to 4 minutes but after that....NO PAIN! I would highly recommend to anyone that comes here looking for relief to give this a try.

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i posted the tylenol pm remedy!

You are welcome.... How did it do for you overall?


I tried this and it did stop the pain during the day as well as while I urinated. It seems to be the wonder topical cure.

I've also tried the tea tree oil and that seems to numb the area for a bit.

HOWEVER both of my inner & outer labia are now VERY swollen! I am in even more pain. It is so extreme I am very nervous & will probably go to the doctor.

Did anyone else have this reaction? Any tips or suggestions??


OMG! Thank you --- I have read so much on the topic including all different treatment alternatives/options. This is the only one that I have found that is AFFORDABLE & EFFECTIVE! I tried this last night, NO burning for me just a cool sensation for a few minutes and three hours later no pain & visible shrinkage of the bumps. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!

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