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Get some rosemary plant crumble up the lil leaves off the stems and wrap them in cleanex and also add a little bit of vapor rub on the leaves (just a little). Make two seperate balls of rosemary wrapped in napkin and put them in your ears and waaaaahlaaaa the mexican remedy has worked!

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Jack Buta

If anyone would have told me that stuffing rosemary in my ear would unblock it after more than a week of being blocked I would not have believed them. But, after a while you are ready to try anything. Five minutes after I tried it my hearing began to improve. Thanks!!
I needed that.


That shit don't work


I was hoping this would work--but, nothing. I've had no luck with any of the suggestions here, unfortunately.


I did this with the rosemary broken into pieces and then wrapped in a little bit of tissue and it helped. It took the pain out of my ear that was painfully blocked and that no amount of nose blowing could even get to. I love it. I can smell the menthol-y-ness of the broken rosemary leaves. I will use this again, definately! Thanks for sharing.


As I type I have rosemary stuffed in my ear...I wrapped it in tissue and added vapor rup...smells nice :) but we'll see if it works...I'm crossing my fingers! 5 days clogged ears no fun :(


Right now they are in my ears I look wierd but It seems to be working


I am trying this remedy right now. I have to say, this is one of the craziest things I have tried, but I just can't take my ear being plugged. I must look really crazy right now. We'll see if this works.


Did not work at all.

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