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Okay so my boyfriend has been dealing with this toothache weeks now. Clove oil worked for a little while but tonight he just laid in bed in tears he was in so much pain, i suggested taking some nyquil but it didn't take the pain away. so out of options i Googled remedies and thank goodness someone mentioned vanilla extract and it worked instantly but just to be safe he also rinsed with mint listerine, he is now sleeping like a baby which means i can sleep. So thanks for these suggestions. And hope everyone else finds relief.

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nikita canada

Unbelievably i beleieve. i was suffering so bad i was sure i was going to loose it. No money, no insurance i lay here and suffer til i just couldnt, read this, grabbed the vanilla extract and much relief. Now im headed for the Nyquil and hopefully after 3 days i will recall what sleep is. Thank you for posting that.


Works great.... Thanks so much. Almost instant relief. THANK YOU SO MUCH


What do we do with the vanilla extract???


I was in such horrible pain. I was contemplating going to the ER. Thank god for google. I happened across this post and felt almost instant relief. Thant you soooo much for recommending the vanilla extract. Cheers.

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