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A glass of milk always work for me. Once I drink it it goes away right then and there.

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milk is an acid and not a base. it will not get ride of your heartburn.


I was starting to feel a little better and then I decided to try the milk trick less than a minute later the pain got worse than it was to begin with.


The milk works for me too. Every time. Unfortunately, I HATE the taste of milk so I have to wait til the heartburn is severe before I'll use this remedy.


i guess everyones different but i accidently cured my heartburn one night by drinking a glass of milk, not even thinking that it would help the heartburn, but it did instantly! So ever since, I have used milk to cure my heartburn and it has ALWAYs worked! i dont know about acids and base, just know that it works for me and apparently I'm not the only one it worked for so who knows!


hmmm... milk is not an acid.. so hmm ok. Milk does help heart burn and upset stomachs in most people. It helps my pregnant wife. And for that I am grateful.


One or two sips of cold milk is all it takes to cure my heartburn too.


I understand every one and their grandma thinks milk works but read up on it, it does not cure heartburn. it's all in your head and what you think works. there is a science to the stuff that works and unfortunately milk is only a myth.


milk coats the stomach and the esophagus thats why is cures heart burn. yes milk is a acid, but not enough to make a difference; 6.7 on the ph scale. its called lactic acid


Milgk is only coating your stomach & throat. IT IS NOT curing heartburn. IF milk is all it takes to 'cure' your heartburn, then you don't have even a 10th of the heartburn that people who truly suffer with GERD has. I have GERD and a hiatial hernia milk is a joke as far as a cure goes!

vero & jr

Milk does not work for mine or my husbands heartburn. Wish it did tho suffering bad right now.

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