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It's not a 'home remedy' but if the toothache pain is severe enough, it's inflamed and infected.. getting to the Dentist is the best bet, but like me you can't always get to a Dentist because of money issues, or the fact that it may be 3AM..

This may sound strange but.. Cold & Flu medication works wonders. Why? Because it hands inflammation, infection, irritation and all other symptoms toothache's generally derive from.

Getting a day/night one works best, that way you can get a night time pill that lets you sleep through the night.

I've had a toothache pain for the last week, and I just tried doing this, I've never slept so sound, and it's the first morning I've woken with no pain.

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I have one wisdom tooth left, on my upper right side, and it's excruciating pain becaue it has now broken apart. I have to agree that cold/flu pills work. I've been taking Tylenol Head Congestion Severe for two days now and it works quickly for me. I only take one even though the box says to take two. Until I can find a Medicaid Dentist, this is really my only option and believe me I have tried so many remedies. *hugs* to everyone with toothache pain, I sympathize with all of you.

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