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Well im in gynastics so i get aches a lot. But i have come up with diffrent remedy for the bad spots in my body! My number one aches come from my wrists and ankels. So if you want to treat your wrists its easey!

So what i do for my wrists, First i wet with warm water or hot water onto a paper towel or cloth. Then i place it on my aching spot. I wait a while, but sice a have a short attenchion span i watch tv! So after the cloth/paper towel is starting to get cold, wrince the cloth/paper towel in cold water. After you place it back on your sore spot and take it off put some baby powder on your ache. Then i move my wrists in a circler motion.

So then for my ankels, I kinda do the sme thing but i find it more effective if i do that back wards. Baby powder, cold water, then warm water. I dont know im just wierd.:)

But the top sore spot for many people is thier neck! So first i wrince my neack in the shower with warm water. I place the shower hose back in forth side to side on my neck. It kinda acts like a masager. The i take a damp towel and place it over my neck. Until it drys a drink tea or orange juce.Its a little method i do!:)

Well hope it works for all of ya:)

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Arcitles like this make life so much simpler.

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