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I have never had chigger bites as an adult- this is AWFUL- GOD THE ITCH! 3 days of severe itching and discomfort- tried all the remedies online... WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THIS SOONER... MEAT TENDERIZER- it works for bee stings, why not chiggers... I have been using meat tenderizer on my bites and it's working... nothing will STOP the itch completely, but this has helped in healing the wounds faster and gives some temporary relief... just wrap a wet cloth with a generous amount of meat tenderizer around your wound area and sit there for as long as you can take it... it will tingle and burn at first, but it DOES help! I know we all react differently, and I am severely allergic to these bites... I'd try this FIRST, as soon as you see the bites... GOD HELP US ALL- oh, the ITCH!

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this will work better if you wet the bite and the area around it and then rub in the meat tenderizer with your hands

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