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for the horrible crazed feeling of the chigger ugh! first, listerien worked good for the itching but the lil annoying dude is under your skin laying larva (making babies) AHHHHH! so to kill the lil bugger clear nail polish, smother over the bump. < sould be done before you go to bed that way your not tempted to itch causing the nail polish to flake away witch will cause it not to work but this all worked for me.

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You need to do more research about chiggers.....they do not burrow under your skin and 'make babies'!!! They secrete an enzyme to dissolve your skin so they can ingest it. the enzyme is what causes the intense itch. much like a mosquito bite injects a fluid to thin your blood to siphon it up.


Not true. Just a myth. They are not under your skin. Therefore nail polish doesnt do anything.


they are microscopic and typically leave right after contact.. and dont lay larva. i agree. you need to do more research..
however mine are still killing me, glad i found this site though.
im going to try the listerine and a shallow hot epsom salt bath tomorrow (mostly because thats what i have in the cabinet) hopefully something will work because calamine lotion and cortizone cream definitely only provide temporary relief. oh, mom told me to try nail polish. it DOES NOT WORK. it is a myth to trap the chigger and avoid itching but they arent even there and the relief is only for a couple mins.

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