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My 7 years old daughter suffered from heavy chesty coughs mainly at night and the doctor diagnosed her with a kind of croup (even so it shouldn't be called than way at 7 years of age; croup is generally an infant disease). The doctor prescribed ventolin and a strong anti-inflamatory, I refused to give her that. Went to see a naturopath at my local health food shop who advised kali.mur (for mucous congestion+coughs)and wild cherry that she prepared. It worked wonderful, that night she didn't cough at all, the very next day she went back to school. Always try the natural remedy first for your chid welfare

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I'm very curious.. please post how she prepared it since you left that out.

Thank you.


Yes always try the 'natural' untested remedies on your child.....oh look shes broken her leg a hanky tied up with some nettles shld fix that right up!Iam sure the parents of the other kid's in your daughter's class appreciated you sending her back to school w/out her cough but no doubt still ill.


To the comment about sending your kids back to school still sick...

You do realize that even after a child is 'feeling better' they can still pass along the illness right? And the fact that things like the flu are easily spread BEFORE the symptoms appear?

We get it. You don't like natural remedies. Go ahead and keep blindly following all your doctors.


Natural is not always best and can be dangerous


There are definitely times where you need an er or times where only prescription drugs work however god didn't mess up in making us or giving us the things we need to allow our bodies to heal themselves. Nature has less, if any, negative side effects and typically does work faster.


Wait so how have generations survived for thousands of years without the medications of today and you do realize the medical industry is meerely a business and we are guinea pigs think about everything we have been wrong about in the last just 100 yearsthings like how we were told bleeding out was the only way hahaha yeah ok trust your doctors right?


Yes sometimes natural is better, how ever if you are in the USA and the dr gives you a med for your child because they can die and you don't give that med and something happens to your child, you can be aressted. I just wouldn't risk my child's life, why not do both?

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