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I tried several doctors/specialists. They tried freezing it, burning it with acid, cutting it off and drilling holes in it (really). Each time it came back bigger and in some cases spread. I ended up with a large mosaic wart and some smaller ones nearby. Through the treatments and all it was about 8 years.
I noticed that duct tape would limit its growth but would not kill it. I do believe warts need air for some reason or at least the kind I had does. I also noticed that for some reason when I was taking antibiotics (to fight off a different problem) that the wart got smaller. I only had a week’s worth of Zmax which didn't kill it.
I had pretty much given up and figured I'd never be rid of the warts. One day while I was looking at the acid cream that the doctor had given me which hurt my foot and didn't work, I determined I would not put that on my foot any more. However, I wanted to put something on it so I grabbed some generic triple antibiotic topical cream. I covered the warts with it and let it sit. I thought that like the duct tape it would keep it from breathing and maybe the antibiotic would have an effect too. It worked way better than I figured it would. The wart was actually sucking the antibiotic cream in. I think it may have sucked it in all the way to the 'seeds'. It started noticeably shrinking immediately. I covered the warts with cream and let it sit as long as I could each day and in one week a one inch mosaic wart that I'd had for 8 years was gone. The little warts disappeared too. I couldn't believe how it healed so quickly too and without the pain of acid, surgery, blistered skin from freezing. I don't know if this will work on the wart you may have but since it doesn't hurt and is fairly cheap, I figure it's worth a try.

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WOW!!! after reading these recommendations...i thought 'ya,right!' i have had a plantar wart,w/mosaic ones around it,right on the ball of my foot for...are u ready for this: ALMOST 30 YEARS! i too,tried all sorts of otc stuff-had it cut out 1x..obviously w/no results TILL NOW!!! i tried the apple cider vinegar...AT NITE..then all day w/the triple anti-biotic cream. W/IN 1 WEEK IT HAS STARTED TO SHRINK!! i can't believe this!!! it's almost 1/2 the size it used to be,which was about an 1' x 1' area!! omg!!! trust me-THIS IS WORKING!!! yeah!! it's so nice not to have pain when i walk!! @ this rate,it doesn't seem like it should more than a few more weeks, till it's gone!

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