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first of all: thank god for this forum!

a year and a half ago i decided i was going to dye my hair black. i bought the dye from a pharmacy, went home and did it myself. my scalp burned me a little bit, but i didnt think anything of it. a month goes by, and i decide im going to dye it again... but THIS time, theres more burning. after i washed my hair of the dye concoction, i saw that my scalp had really reacted to the dye. there were little black spots of dye actually IN my skin! completely ignorant and stubborn, i just scratched the affected area of the weird burn and went on with my life. i dyed it a 3rd time (happened to be my last as well) and this time the pain was unbearable. the same black spots appeared, but this time they were much bigger and the areas that hurt me had some kind of peeling going on! needless to say i (finally) started to freak out.

i had always had a very mild flaking on my scalp, but now i had huge pieces of skin itching like crazy & lifting off my scalp. i was 22 at the time this all happened, and it was right before my wedding :(

i ended up going to a dermatologist, and she told me that this was a common problem with girls who used store-bought dyes to color their hair. the chemicals are POISONOUS, and she said she was treating a hair stylist with recently developed eczema too. she gave me ketoconazole 2% shampoo & derma-smoothe/FS scalp oil. they worked really well for a short while, but the problem kept coming back. i also didnt like that i would have to keep going to the dr to get a prescription filled for these products.

i needed something sustainable over time if what i read about psoriasis is true: chronic, no cure, flares over lifetime, etc.


i have been taking fish oil & vitamin D supplements for over a week now and my scalp has BARELY flaked!! i get out of the shower and let my hair air dry --which usually would make such a mess on my head and itch like crazy-- but not anymore! i also have been using a milder shampoo/conditioner: aveeno. love them!

this is something that i really recommened if your story is anything like mine. taking the supplements is sustainable because i will always be able to find them at any store, and im helping the rest of my body too! who would have thought that vitamin d deficiency could affect psoriasis! the body is amazing.

best of luck to anyone who has this problem! i wish you the best!

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I have been battling with a combination of eczema and psoriasis for 3 years. The prescription creams worked for a while and then i would break out again. After reading this forum's comments I tried a few of the suggested remedies.

The cure for me was CVS brand Vitamin D 2000IU and Berkely & Jensen (BJ's brand) Fish Oil Concentrate 1000MG. I take both of these exaclty as directed on the container :
1 softgel vitamin D per day
2 softgels Fish Oil twice a day



I've tried just about every shampoo on the market and nothing worked. I'm going to try the fish oil an vitamin D pills and hopefully they work! THANK YOU!!!!


Wow Thank God for this site indeed... my story is extremely similar.. i was 22 when it happened, it happened after my wedding and after trying a new hair dye. My doctor gave me the same shampoo k%. That worked for a little while. I went to the derm.. and he said that the shampoo was not strong enought. He game me P&S, to put on at night and then Aliclen shampoo to wash it with everyday. It worked and my hair finally stopped itching.. but when I stopped using it the flakes came back.. I am definitely going to try the vitamin D and fish oil.. Thank you so much.


thank you very much! i will definately try this too. I have had psoriasis most of my life but never like this!!! i have been in tears for most past of this year, it has been bleeding and OVER flaking like mad and the meds have been burning and causin so much more pain. I will get the supps and let you all know :)


I am really very hopeful after reading your story, and see it as my own story as I have also been suffering from Psoriasis since I was about 21 or 22 and now that I'm married and have a kid too, I have got a very supportive husband who helps me in every possible way to get rid of this problem. Now i'm also gearing myself up for Vit. D supplements and fish oil, reading your success story with psoriasis.I hope it works well for me as well. Thanks for your story.


Did any of you have lymphnodes in your neck noticeable along with the scalp psoriasis? I do.... just hoping this vitamin D and fish oil can help me too.


i was just laying in bed scratching my head, and thinking someone online mustt have an answer.. i too am 22 and have been dealing with this since elementary school, and am planning my wedding.. STRESS .. so i am getting vit. D and fish oil tomorrow.. fingers crossed ( scratching at the same time) thankyou so much!


You are amazing!!! I am only 19 and have had Plaque CRAP since I was 9! It is horrible, being in school and meeting new people, but having to go to the bathroom constantly to make sure that I don't have HUGE chunks in my hair! Or even worse when someone says, 'Oh, you have something in your hair, let me get that out!' NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! I have LONG THICK hair and it is coming to the point that I'm about to cut all my damn hair off! :C I am about to get some shoes on, and go to the store!!
I hope this works!! :D


Thanks so much for posting! I have a similar situation, and it gets better in the bummer (more VIT D from the sun) and I never thought to take actual Vitamin D supplements! Will start ASAP, thank you!


I have had similar scalp issues and even through many dr.visits, have not had a break of relief since I was 18. Oddly enough, that was at the same time I started dying my hair. I've been wondering if there was a connection, but no dr has ever mentioned it.

I was wondering if you still dye your hair? Or if anyone else in this comment section with similair problems dyes their hair?? Have you stopped dying and noticed a difference?

Someone else asked about the lymphnods. I have noticed mine on my left side of the neck are enlarged, which is the same side of my scalp pso. I've had drs. check it out, but again, not one dr. or specialist has mentioned them as a direct combination. Do you have any further information on this subject??

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