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Here in the south east with it's sub tropical climate, a yeast infection is just plain reality... For civillians as well as seasoned marines.

1. Wash the affected area with soap and water.

2. use 70% or 91% isopropyl alcohol in groin area only ... (DO NOT APPLY TO YOUR SCROTUM)(YES!!! the pain is searing!!!, but only temporary... (you will be surprised as to how well it deadens the itch afterward, NO PAIN, NO GAIN YOU MARINES! SEMPER FI :0

3. Drink alcohol in moderation and say whoa to soft drinks and exccess sugar.

4. Start a probiotics regime with acidophollus in pill form, plain yogart, and kifir. (ask any kowledgable female about this and she will let you in on this little secret of the sisterhood).These heathful nutrition remedies work the same for men as they do for women. Candida infections thrive in warm dark places and on sugar.

5. Wear loose boxer shorts, if chaffing is a problem, tighty whities for the time being.

6. Eat a well balanced diet.

7. Drink plenty of water everyday.

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good idea



Have found that a fan blowing directly on sensative, alcohol treated areas greatly lessens stinging pain. No fan? Wave hand fast as possible to create wind!

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