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Some Like it hot... A good way to speed up the process of this rotten rash is heat... HEAT??? (yes simple hot water under a tap, as hot as you can stand it! Do it and it will itch like crazy at first, but the heat will deaden the itch, (so you can at least get a good night's sleep :)

Recommended 120-140 degrees F (the average temprature range of hot water from the tap.(Raise the heat factor by increments, so you don't burn yourself...) !!!DO NOT USE BOILING OR NEAR BOILING WATER!!! Pat afected area dry with white towel... GOOD BYE ROTTEN ICH... Repeat as often as necessary :)


Use Blow Dryer and hold as close to affected area as comfort allows :) !!!ALWAYS BE CAREFUL NOT TO OVERDO IT AND BURN YOURSELF.!!!NEVER USE THE BLOW DRYER NEAR THE SINK OR BATHTUB!!!

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Nigel Rollings

Yes, absolutely! Very hot water in my shower triggers a weirdly intensely pleasurable release ( sound familiar ?!), then I pat it dry with paper towels and apply Caladryl before wrapping with a bandage. This way I've been restricting the itch to the new little spots, at least, and have the big rash ' under control '


why does the towel need to be white?


Lol! I didn't even notice the white towel thing...


what if i dont have a white towel

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