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Since a fever blister is a form of herpies the best thing to take is Valtrex. You can even ask your dentist for a perscription. You don't have to take them everyday just when you first notice the blister starting to form. Take one or two a day until it disappers and ta daaa it will disappear. This usually takes about 2 days if you catch it early.

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How would you consider Valtrex a home remedy?


Is that true? I tried it and it didnt work for me. I would like to hear from an actual doctor or even a dentist.


I tried Zovirax and then the doctor prescribed Valtrex. Zovirax worked slightly and Valtrex did nothing for me. Neither one would I ever waste another penny on. others said, this is NOT a 'home remedy'. It is a VERY expensive remedy which does not work for *most* people.


I was prescribed Valtrex once and felt like I had been poisoned. I will NEVER take that drug again!


I took Valtrex once when I have a major outbreak, and I mean major. It is VERY expensive and I feel that it did not help all that much. The directions say that if you already have a blister it will only shorten the time till it heals, it will not make it go away completely.


Valtrex has ALWAYS worked for me, anytime I feel a fever blister coming on, I will take 2 valtrex and then 2 more before I go to bed, and by the next day it is almost completely gone. I know this isnt a home remedy but it definantly DOES work!!!!

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