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For anyone out there suffering from boils caused by MRSA. Get oreganoll p73 capsulse and liquid. I swear it works. I had outbreaks of MRSA boils for months. i had to get an incision and draining performed on one in the hospital it was so bad (not to mention they kept stuffing and unstuffing the wound with treated gauze, which was like hell on earth). So anyway my mother started researching home remedies, since the boils kept coming back no matter what cocktail of antibiotics the doctors put me on. We found a lot of information on oregano oil killing s. aureus (staph bacteria, MRSA). So i take one capsule every morning and one before bed every evening. Use a qtip and the liquid to swab out your nose, that's where the bacteria build their army. (This burns and makes your eyes water, just a warning). You can also buy an oreganol cream to apply to anything that looks like a pimple or boil forming, but I really hate the smell of it, so i apply tea tree oil to anything that looks like the beginnings of a pimple or boil. i would also recommend starting a vitamin and mineral supplement regiment to help build up our bodies natural immunity. I had break outs from August until January when i started using oreganol and tea tree oil. I swear it works.

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I have also had MRSA and after months of suffering with abscesses constantly, sometimes more than one at a time. Months of antibiotics that made me sick and gave me horrible yeast infections. . I finally started taking echinacea at the first sign of a sore. I was suprised how well it worked.

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