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I am a pharmacist. When my daughter was in the first grade she picked up head lice at school. I tried using Nix twice, but she still had lice. The school nurse suggested mayonnaise, but this seemed very unappealing, so I decided to go to the beauty supply store and buy a hot oil treatment made for hair. It came in a plastic packet that you placed in a cup of warm water to heat it up. After applying to the hear you needed to cover the scalp with a plastic bag and allow to sit on the hair for about 3 to 5 minutes. It worked and her hair was beautiful! Of course, the hair needs to be combed free of lice eggs with a special lice comb. Good luck!

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Our family has paid over 500.00 in the last yr trying to rid ourselves (family of 5) with headlice...I may give this a try......mayo seemed to work for my daughter but not for the rest of us due to our thick hair!! Thanks for idea...I will try it! :)

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