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i use tea tree oil direct on the nail at least twice a day and put magnisium sulfate [epsom] salt in my socks. i wear leggings and socks when its cold and change my socks at least onece a day. I also put the salts in my shoes. The salts help keep the dry nail dry and and maybe as they are magnisium sulfate the sulfer works like garlic ?

This is slowly but surely getting rid of the fungus and its non toxic and cheap!
ps was on lamasil for 6 months, which helped but didnt cure, the salt/tea tree is working better!
pps also tried vineigar [both malt and apple] and bleach - the salts + tea tree seem to work the best, my nails are almost perfect now only a tiny bit of yellow !
Good luck all !

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how do you put salt in the shoes and socks is that grainy to walk with and how much salt you put in it? pleas email me let me know i am trying to help my mom


I have tried Lamisil as well for 6 month, worked somewhat for a while, but doesn't cure. Was going on it again, but side effects are too bad. Have had occasional finger and toenail fungus (separation of the nail) for over 35 years, am currently using Tea Tree Oil, and will use a few ideas suggested here. Trader Joe's have Tea Tree Oil for less than $10!

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