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tylenol pm

TYLENOL P.M.....Please make sure that when you apply this that your area is clean and dry... You will need to make sure that after you apply the paste that you lay and let dry for a few minutes... Do not put any under clothing on until it dries... Lay and watch the itch and pain go numb!!!!...(He thicker the paste the better... I usually use about five or six tylenol pm crushed and dissolved with hot water (not a lot of water a tiny drop)... Then I just wipe unto my area! Cover it on the inside of the vulva and outside even the vagina... It will not hurt! will not burn, you may feel the sensation of the medicine starting to work but spoon (about two minutes) you will feel so at ease!!! TRY THIS!!!...

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Exactly how do you make the tylenol paste???? And how long do you leave it on for???


Ok I'm trying this as I'm typing and PRAYing that it works so far no more stinging, but how long am I supposed to keep it on all night??? So far so good anf I have been on Valtrex for a week and a half and no relief so I'm willing to try anything at this point!! Thanks


I'm trying the Tylenol PM right now..I used 4 pills crushed with water and pasted it on my OB and the surrounding area...I hope it works...This is my FIRST OB..


Can you use this tylenol pm remedy inside the vagina? I want to try, but I'm not sure if it is safe or will cause more issues.


oh my this is working, who would have guessed , Thank you ......................


omg thank you so much i just had my second outbreak since i was diagnosed with this a year ago and it was really bad it feels so good..... can i use it on my hand also

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