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tylenol pm

TYLENOL P.M.....Please make sure that when you apply this that your area is clean and dry... You will need to make sure that after you apply the paste that you lay and let dry for a few minutes... Do not put any under clothing on until it dries... Lay and watch the itch and pain go numb!!!!...(He thicker the paste the better... I usually use about five or six tylenol pm crushed and dissolved with hot water (not a lot of water a tiny drop)... Then I just wipe unto my area! Cover it on the inside of the vulva and outside even the vagina... It will not hurt! will not burn, you may feel the sensation of the medicine starting to work but spoon (about two minutes) you will feel so at ease!!! TRY THIS!!!...

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Thanks for this advice. It really did help. I had an outbreak and the next day I put the tylenol pm on it and the next day it started to dry up then the day after the blister were gone. Now I'm just dealing with tingling and raw skin :(


I tried this and OMG I can't believe how it worked. I woke up cleared up and pain free! THANK YOU SO MUCH!


I just did it, It did burned at the beginning and I was cursing you hahaha... but after a couple of minutes it was worth the pain... I'm not gonna say it disappeared cause I just did it a couple of hours ago, but it's working good!


hey guys, i tried this last night! i had the worst break out iv ever had. problem is im british so we cant get tylenol over here! for all you british people who want to try this, go to boots and buy Panadol Night Pain and jus do the same process. No joke, this is AMAZING!!!


I tried this and it did stop the pain during the day as well as while I urinated. It seems to be the wonder topical cure.

I've also tried the tea tree oil and that seems to numb the area for a bit.

HOWEVER both of my inner & outer labia are now VERY swollen! I am in even more pain. It is so extreme I am very nervous & will probably go to the doctor.

Did anyone else have this reaction? Any tips or suggestions??


For the one that had the bad reaction and is swollen.... There may be a possibility that you are allergic!... If you read the comments and reveiws on the tylenol pm remedies I've posted.... You will see that everyone is pleased. That is why I am thinking you may be allergic or your outbreak was just too severe already. This remedy works best before the sores start! It will put a halt to sores actually appearing if you use it right. When you get that first itch or indication that you may be having an outbreak, start the pm process. Sorry that you were in more pain than before, I know how it feels. But if you are not allergic and ever have another outbreak start up try this! It really works great!


It worksss !! Thank god the next day the blisters were gone thank you


Freaking awesome! This outbreak couldn't have come at the worse time:( but I am hoping this will surely do the trick!


Can I do the same treatment with anal herpes breakout?


This really works. I used about 4 the first time and got a little too much paste but the next time I used 1 crushed tylenol pm and it worked fine. Thank you for posting this!! The only thing I found out is that it kinda made me sleepy!! I didn't mind though the pain was gone and the relief I felt made it a lot easier to go to sleep. Also about how long are you supposed to leave it on there?? Thanks for posting this you are truly a blessing!!

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