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I am now a believer in clove oil! I was in so much pain after having a severly impacted wisdom tooth removed that nothing helped. I tried Vicodin, ibuprofin, anything but nothing worked. Turns out, I had dry socket. After reading reviews on here, I tried the clove oil and it worked instantly! So far it's lasted 6 hours and not even a hint of the pain coming back! No more pills for me! This is proof that not everything has to be solved with modern meds.

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I also just had wisdom teeth taken out they were my lower ones. I did everything I was supposed to do and am not a smoker but still got two dry sockets and it has been the worst week I've had in a while as far as pain and the percocet didn't do a thing. Went back to the oral surgeon and he packed oil of clove with gauze in my holes like magic the pain was gone but now one side has came out and I have had no pain so far but has only been about two hours and im worried that the pain will come back. Is it safe to pack the hole yourself? Also how long do these damn holes stay open mine are huge and seem to be deep. Anyone out there reading this know of anything to help speed the healing processes?

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