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I've been in intense pain for a few days, and I've been popping motrin and it will numb the pain. I made the mistake of trying to use orajel and that intensified the pain. But I just chewed a motrin on the afflicted tooth and the pain went away INSTANTLY!!!!! INSTANTLY!!!!! I strongly suggest this method.

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OMG! DON'T DO THIS!!! It works, it really really does, I know because back when my tooth started hurting I did the same thing. The problem is, it eats the enamal, so a simple infection turns into a rotten, black, dead tooth. If you can't afford to go to the dentist, get to a hospital. Antibiotics and aspirin for the swelling. Doesn't work as good, but will allow you to keep your tooth for the day you can afford dental care.


I agree this helps with the pain, however it makes your tongue and throat burn like the dickens.


Try Children's Tylenol..liquid. Soak a Qtip in it and rub it over the affected area. Works wonders.

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