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I have been fighting a toothache for two weeks now with no dental insurance. A friend of mine told me what her dentist told her if you can't afford to go. Get a bottle of 100% vanilla extract and put on a qtip and put it on the affected tooth and it will kill the nerve and stop the pain. After trying everything this is the only thing that worked. Thank goodness the pain finally stopped.

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I can't believe how quickly to start feeling the pain going away.. It really works!



L. Marie

I had a terrible tooth ache and applied Anbesol. The Anbesol took 15 minutes to work. Later on when my tooth ache acted up I applied the 100% Pure Vanilla Extract and I had immediate relief.

Thank you for the tip. I am passing it on to everyone I know.

Pain Free ;)

Thank you soooooo much!!! I really didn't think this would work but after trying anbesol and other home remedies... it was this or nothing. Thanks again!;)

Lil Vera

WOW.... Thanks!! This helped so much. I can't believe it worked but I'm glad it did. I'm finally going to bed pain free. Good Night!!!


All i can say is at first i didnt believe it. But my teeth are rotting away from my teenage years..But for the past two weeks ive had a severe tooth ache,So i researched home remedies an found this site. Ive tried all types of stuff to get the pain to stop but nothing worked...
Never thought vanilla would work but its 4am an im in pain so i tried it an Wow it really stopped most of the pain.
Thank you so much!


you are the best, i have 3 root canals that needs to be done and sometimes they all hurt at ounce, so painfule to a point i feel like breakin them ive tried this and it works like a champ thank youu


A couple of days ago I noticed I was starting to have having a toothache. Cracked tooth? cavity? I’m no dentist so I don’t know what it’s from. All I know it hurt. Yesterday at work it was really starting to sting so I took two 325 mg of aspirin. It seemed to help until I got home and had supper. It started to act up again so I brushed, rinsed, and cleaned it out the best I could. The problem came as soon as I lay down to go to bed. My tooth really started to torture me relentlessly, then my head started to ring. I sat up and took some water (water bottle) and put it in the back corner of my mouth were it hurt. The pain stopped instantly. Then after a while that stopped working and my whole left side of my face was pain again, and it felt like the side of my head was exploding. I went on the computer and happened on this web site. I thought using pure vanilla extract (check your wife’s spice cabinet) with q-tips would be the easiest solution. But I was pretty skeptical. Once I applied the Ingredients Vanilla Bean Extractives in water, alcohol (35%) and corn syrup I found heaven within two or three minutes after applying. The pain dropped in half. Ten minutes later it was gone. I could lay in bed and fall asleep. Ten hours later I’m still pain free. I brought a small jar to work with q-tips just in case my tooth acts up again. I’m telling everyone I know about this miracle remedy. Now I have to find a dentist next week. I hope I get a root canal that way I don’t have to worry about it anymore.

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