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Gentail warts

I had gential warts i was so puked out by the look of them i went by a doctor and she told me what they were at that time she told me to use Aldara but that didnt work so i went up on a site and i saw Castrol oil i tried it. every time i bathe i use the castro oil on them it even stopped the irratating itch and instead of puttin a plaster i put on a panty sheen or pad cause it covers everything up. When i go to the toilet and wiped with toilet paper i start seeing the warts coming out on it. It was a Miracle. So i can say to use castro oil. Make sure to eat garlic or take garlic pills it helps fight back the virus .

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Do you put the oil just on the warts or do you put it all over? What happens after you put it on. Do they turn white or does it hurt or burn at all?


how long did you do the treatment?


are you talking about the motor oil?


No I think its castor oil


It is castor oil. It can be found at most natural remedy stores mabe even gnc. Works well on all warts not just genital ones.


castor oil can be bought at wal-mart @ 2.50 in the pharm Isle. Its been used for hundreds of years for MANY prob.
Ive been using the oil soaked with tampons and inserted for cervical displasia (HPV) level 3, also I apply it outside . I also use it as a oil rub and then use a heating pad over my abdomen.The displasia is gone now after 3 mos..but I do this now 3-4 times a week for safety. Google castor oil uses!BEWARE: Will bleach out fabrics..use old sheets/undies..also great for constipation USE 1/2 TEA to quick when u find your right dose..your grandparents used it for everything.....I have also tried the ACV and it BURNS like hell but it takes off out side warts xoxoxo


sassy, is it safe to use the oil internally? can you get infections? and have you been to the doctor to see if it helps any?

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