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my remedies work!

I posted the remedy about the tylenol pm. Well I forgot to tell you guys that I also use Abbreva!... It is a cold sore medicine in a small tube that runs you around 14 dollors! is not an oily ointment it is a cream that dries up quik!... This medicine and the tylenol pm works better than anything else I promise you!... The abbreva is costly to be such a small tube but when you apply it you will get your moneys worth!... It will dry the sores up on point! You will not itch either! Just try it and tell me what you think!... For get all that other stuff on here! You do not need you area to be wet up with other ointments you need somethin to keep it dry!... You need to sufficate the sores by adding abbreva or making a tylenol pm paste!... I hardly have outbreaks! Its been 7yrs until now that I have had one and this is what I use! You will feel brand new,clean,and comfortable I promise!... You will need to shower only!!! And reapply before bed!it works great over nite!

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best remedy ever!!!

Please make sure that when you apply this that your area is clean and dry... You will need to make sure that after you apply the paste that you lay and let dry for a few minutes... Do not put any under clothing on until it dries... Lay and watch the itch and pain go numb!!!!...(He thicker the paste the better... I usually use about five or six tylenol pm crushed and dissolved with hot water (not a lot of water a tiny drop)... Then I just wipe unto my area! Cover it on the inside of the vulva and outside even the vagina... It will not hurt! will not burn, you may feel the sensation of the medicine starting to work but spoon (about two minutes) you will feel so at ease!!! TRY THIS!!!...


I believe Abreva should only be used on 'cold sores' not in the genitals. Lidocaine is great to numb the pain/itch


Abbreva works great! dries up fast! me...if its okay to put on ur mouth then it will not hurt your genitalia!...
Think about it


I tried this and it did stop the pain during the day as well as while I urinated. It seems to be the wonder topical cure.

I've also tried the tea tree oil and that seems to numb the area for a bit.

HOWEVER both of my inner & outer labia are now VERY swollen! I am in even more pain. It is so extreme I am very nervous & will probably go to the doctor.

Did anyone else have this reaction? Any tips or suggestions??


how long do you leave the abreva on the blister?
and how long do you leave the tylonel pm on the sore?


I am in pain as i am typing this but have been reading all the comments about tylenol and aveeva but i live in the UK do you think they sell over here under a different brand name we have asda over here which is equivalent to walmart


I am tried this tonight and it burns really bad.... how long am I supposed to leave it on??? I feel like something is wrong.


Just diagnosed and going through my first OB. This is the ONLY thing that has worked to alleviate my pain. My OB is around the anus, so as you can imagine the pain and discomfort has been unbearable. This has literally saved my ass!

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