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help in pa

Ok so i found out that i have HPV. This was about a year and a half ago. About 5 months ago i then found out that i have genital warts. I actually went to the doctor because my fiance's dermatologist recommended it..after we found out he had them. So i went and they treated me for them. I had to go back 3 times and yet they are still there. So i came on this site hoping to find a way to get rid of them. I have two of them and they arent that big. I tried the apple cider vinegar..i've been using it for about 2 weeks now. One of them shrank but did not fall off and the other didnt shrink at all. They turn white when i apply the acv..not black like alot of people have said. Am i doing something wrong? Because of where they are located i cant put a cotton ball and bandage on them. So i apply it with a Qtip and then put vaseline over them to act as a bandage..then leave it on for a few hours and then wash it off. Can someone please tell me if i'm doing something wrong. I was so hopeful that this would work and now i'm just bummed about it.

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You can try castro oil it really works use a pad or panty sheen for a bandage to help them stop breeding and they would start to fall off. Eat alot of garlic to build up your immune system to fight back te virus.


Ok..thanks. I'll try it!


It sounds like your wart is located inside. Dabbing some acv on the wart and then covering it with vasoline will not work. The vasoline simply displace the vinegar. I've read some posts saying that people have tried putting vinegar on a tampon. Maybe you should read posts outlining their procedures and considering it for yourself.


No, neither of them are inside. They are just in awkward places where a bandage would not stick. So i dont really know how to cover them. A tampon wouldnt reach either of them. Not sure what to use to cover em.


Mine also turned white and then disappeared. The cure for me was: I diluted a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar with some water and dipped a cotton pad into the solution. Then I put the cotton pad on the warts, and used a maxi pad on my underwear so it didn't leak. I re-did this every 4 hours, even at night. It'll sting at first, then the warts will eventually change size, change color and disappear. It took about a week to disappear. If it stings too much, you can add more water at first, then as you get used to it, add less water to the apple cider vinegar. Since then, I've never had a problem with warts coming back.


I bought a can of 'duster' its compressed air in a can to clean the keybooard with. Turn the can upside down carefully and a fluid should come out. Wet the tip of a q-tip with the fluid and apply it directly to the wart carefully as not to get the fluid on the surrounding skin. This is in essence freezing the wart. It may sting a tiny bit at first but the area goes numb almost immediately. The wart should turn black with-in a day and fall off never to return. I've had great success with this. No applying anything no pads to hold anything and its relatively painless which is a fair trade to the awful time you go thru applying ACV. Just be careful the liquid can cause the area around the wart to scab and turn purple as well, this is frostbite and will need antibiotic ointment to heal so focus it on the wart itself. You can apply many moistened Q-tips to a single wart and watch it freeze and shrink immediately.

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