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Hello fellow sufferers! I need 3 more extractions (2 lower wisdom teeth and shattered right lower molar), 4 root canals, 3 crowns, and countless fillings. The pain has been unbearable for some time and I am no longer able to sleep..

Here's what works for me (a little):

Strong drinking alcohol, swished.
Strong drinking alcohol, mixed with vanilla extract (real), applied directly to tooth.
Benzocaine, look for cough drops, they work better than sprays/liquids. Too much use increases pain.

I will be trying raw garlic cloves, raw onion, clove oil, tea tree oil, and green tea bags thanks to this site.

The pain is incredible. Vicodin works okay, oxycodone/contin is better.. however I do not have a prescription. Also, like all opiates (and opiate analogs) these drugs just make you not care about the pain. It's still there.

I am ashamed to live in a country where it is legal for a doctor to reject patients for lack of insurance, yet illegal to purchase drugs to alleviate pain without a prescription from said doctor. I could walk down the street and buy heroin for 5 dollars (THAT would cure the pain all day long) but cannot go to a pharmacy and acquire SAFE painkillers. We can't even buy antibiotics without a 100 dollar doctors visit (the exception being those of you taking pet antibiotics, to whom I wish the best of luck but will never emulate.)

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I suffered from a bad abcess for almost a year, couldn't sleep or eat or work. Since benadryl helped a little bit, I decided to take 24 hour claratin. I did it for a week straight and the pain was gone.

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