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Okay stretch marks can make a person feel so bad about themselves. So I basically want to share my success story with everyone in hopes that it will also help you. I had my first child when I was just barely 19 years old. By the end of my pregnancy I had horrible stretch marks on my stomach, hips, thighs, butt and behind my legs! I was completely devastated. I have been wearing jeans for 9 years and avoiding swimming at all costs. It makes me feel so sad and bad about myself inside. I have tried everything under the sun and I have finally found something that works. Buy a dermaroller off ebay (much cheaper) I got a 1.5 for $17.99 and free shipping. Buy emu oil also off ebay $6.99 free shipping as well and trilastin SR $79 yes it's pricey but it works! Take a hot shower dry off and use your dermaroller. It pokes a little but nothing too bad. After that rub the trilastin SR into the stretch marks in a circular motion then rub some emu oil over that. This seriously works even on my old stretch marks! It will take a month or 2 for them to be pretty much invisible to the eye. Also my stomach had some loose skin which tightened up nicely. I truly hope that this works for anyone that tries it. Even if yours don't completely go away they will be sooo much lighter and smoother =)

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okay i'll take your advice and see if it works for me


OMG!!! PLEASE READ UP ON DERMAROLLER THREADS AT FEMALEFIRST WEBSITE. NEVER use a 1.5 more than 4-6 weeks as in the long term this will lead to even more damage. When u dermaroll, the are will be inflamed making it look filled in and flatter and making sm look better, but the point of a dermnmaroller is to induce new collagen. If you do this daily or even weekly you are just ploughing down the new collagen and it will be even worse eventually. A 2.5 should only be used by a professional bcoz of the risk of infection etc. please read up on it b4 u do it. I am no expert but I have read hundreds of pages of info about it in preparation for when I try it. Sorry to be a whinge I just dont want anyone to end up worse than b4 they started, or worse get a staph infection and end in hospital. oh dear Im turning into my mother! Good luck


pls how and where do i get these product


You can buy it on ebay, and from Ive read so far, .5 should be used once a week, and 1 should be used every three weeks..idk about higher you should check the official derma-roller website... I like to be on the safe side so I just bought a .5 needle and will see how it works with mederma once a week.. If I dont see improvement Ill try a 1mm. Its a slow process but dont rush it, it could permanently damage your skin. Just because it doesnt damage everyones skin, doesnt mean it cant happen to you.

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