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Okay stretch marks can make a person feel so bad about themselves. So I basically want to share my success story with everyone in hopes that it will also help you. I had my first child when I was just barely 19 years old. By the end of my pregnancy I had horrible stretch marks on my stomach, hips, thighs, butt and behind my legs! I was completely devastated. I have been wearing jeans for 9 years and avoiding swimming at all costs. It makes me feel so sad and bad about myself inside. I have tried everything under the sun and I have finally found something that works. Buy a dermaroller off ebay (much cheaper) I got a 1.5 for $17.99 and free shipping. Buy emu oil also off ebay $6.99 free shipping as well and trilastin SR $79 yes it's pricey but it works! Take a hot shower dry off and use your dermaroller. It pokes a little but nothing too bad. After that rub the trilastin SR into the stretch marks in a circular motion then rub some emu oil over that. This seriously works even on my old stretch marks! It will take a month or 2 for them to be pretty much invisible to the eye. Also my stomach had some loose skin which tightened up nicely. I truly hope that this works for anyone that tries it. Even if yours don't completely go away they will be sooo much lighter and smoother =)

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HI, Im going to try this, but I was wondering how many times a day did you go through this process because I was reading online to do it two to three times a day but I was wondering what you did? And a second question, Did you use anything to clean your derma roller beside using hot water.


I only used the dermaroller once a day. Then I would use the cream morning and before bed. I cleaned my dermaroller with alcohol. Also I found a better stretch mark cream that is half the price and amazing. It's the mederma for stretch marks. It's new and I found it at CVS for $40. So you can get 2 tubes for the price of 1 trilastin SR. My friend uses it as well and loves the stuff. It's not a gel like the mederma for scars it's an actual cream. I didn't think it would work as well as it does. Hope this helps and if you have any other questions I will check back here. good luck =)


I had my son in my teen years too. I'm almost 30, have always had bad stretch marks from hips down the back of my legs to my calves =( I've been reading up on this forum. I just ordered the dermaroller. Hopefully it'll arrive soon. Im excited to try. It would be a miracle if I ever get to wear shorts again. I've never been in shorts in the summer..not even in the hot humid days. My stretch marks are old, deep, white and silver any recommendations would be helpful. I will continue to check back on these blogs. Thanks for sharing your experience.


I know how it feels to not be able to wear shorts. I only weigh 125 lbs and look fine with clothes on so people are confused to why I won't wear shorts. Even worse I live in Las Vegas where you look CRAZY wearing jeans lol. Make sure that you drink lots of water and take a multivitamin as well. Also I have very fair skin so I bought ivory dermablend and put it on my legs wait 5 minutes and then get in the shower. when I get out you can't even see the makeup.


HEllo, Will i just got my derma roller. Im going to start using it !! so i hope it works !! Ill come back ina week and tell you how or if is working....


Hey, I was reading online that you're only supposed to use a 1.5 derma roller once a month (!). You said you used it everyday? Nothing negative happened to your skin? I want to start using this thing, but I just want to be sure.


I would use it lightly everyday but if you feel safer just do it once a week a little bit more aggressively. Also, by palmers they have a lotion for ashy skin (which I don't have) but worked wonders on my friends stretch marks. It has shea butter and alpha/beta hydroxy in it. Awesome stuff a bottle costs 4.99 at Walmart. I love it way better than the stuff palmers makes for stretch marks. So basically the dermaroller regenerates new skin make sure you exfoliate skin drink lots of water and eat healthy all which promote healthy skin cells to reproduce and then lather on that palmers lotion or the more expensive stuff. Your skin will be red for a few days but then you will see it renewing itself. Remember I use the dermaroller lightly thats why I used it everyday.


Will mederma works for old stretch marks? It gave you good results on them? I'm looking for a high collagen cream for stretch marks that really works. I will appreciate your response. Thank you


Yes, it works on old stretch marks. Mine are almost 10 years old. Just make sure it's the new stuff mederma for stretch marks. It really does lighten them just make sure that you are also using the dermaroller at least once every two weeks to reproduce new skin cells and at night in the shower of course exfoliate all the dead skin off. Even though you can't see it it is there :) If you are consistent it does work! They will look better and better by the week!


Just purchased the derma roller, emu oil, and mederma stretch mark cream. Thanks for the advice! 1 quick question- how often should I use the derma roller? I got the 2.5m one because my stretch marks are pretty deep and 3 years old.

Thanks in advance

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