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Jean (PA)

Don't listen to anyone who says to treat plantar warts at home. Trust me. I dealt with one for over six weeks. It was excruciating - like scissors stuck in the bottom of my foot. I tried some of these 'home' remedies, but to no avail. I am trooper; I can handle pain. But this was ridiculous. I couldn't walk, let alone do my daily runs. Finally, I went to the doctor. One needle later, he removed the wart, and I was pain free. Of course, the cut had to heal, but two days of that healing vs. all the trouble and pain of trying to get rid of the wart on my own was completely worth it. I don't know who the hell these people are with the home remedies, but they are simply no match to the quick and efficient podiatrist who made me whole again! So beware Internet fools - home remedies when it comes to plantar warts means days and weeks of needless pain. Go to the doctor!

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Wow!!! This back and forth stuff is childish!!! However, I am currently trying duct tspe to remove a plantar wart. I tried over the counter products with no luck. This seems like it may be helping, but only been doing it for about 4 days. I just know I'll try anything that may work to get rid of the pain. I am a single mother with no insurace. I have tried to find a dr. based on my income. So all I have is home remedies. A co worker told me he tried duct tape & it work. Oh it was recomended by his doctor. Think I will try the avc too. Can't hurt any worse then working 9-10hrs a day with no breaks with this thing on my foot.


I did go to the doctor... 3 doctors! One tried half a dozen times to freeze freeze my plantars wart off. The podiatrist first cut it out. I had an open wound for several weeks until it healed... but the wart came back. The same doctor then tried the laser treatment. It turned black and I thought this got it, but it came back. The next podiatrist told me to try topical treatments at night, then he trimmed every 3-4 weeks, and I kept applying 15% salacilic acid at night. Nothing. After explaining everything I have tried, THIS DOCTOR TOLD ME TO TRY DUCT TAPE and explained how it worked. I finally had given up, when I googled 'Home Remedies Plantar Warts'.

I've been doing the apple cider vinegar thing as much as I can stand. I still have a lot of pain, but when it gets to be too much, I take it off, rinse and wash, and wait until next night. It's working!! I have a huge black oval right in the center of it. The ACV is really killing it. I'm not sure how much longer the pain will last, but I'm going to keep doing this until it's gone. I've had this wart for 5 years, and am so happy that it's finally going away.

I think the cutting it out and scraping actually may have made the darn thing grow bigger! Now that I see the size and shape of it (the black part), it's clear they didn't cut the whole thing out - or it came back and spread to a bigger area. I take Tylenol for pain.

Last night I only made it until 3:00 am. I took off cotton ball, rinse off, took some more tylenol and fell back asleep in about an hour. The night before I made it to 5:00. At 3:00 I noticed a piece of it starting to flake away and it's turning a more solid black.

Thank God for this site. 3 doctors, freezing, cutting, lasering, topical, and finally duct tape were what they did/recommended and nothing worked. ACV is working!! Just do as much as you can take, then wait and try some more. It really works.


I've dealt with plantar warts for 7 years and having them burned off, frozen and cut off multiple times and they've only grown, I'll try anything new. Have an open mind and ear and who knows what will happen. The only foolish thing would be to continue doing the things that I've seen that don't work!


I got rid of my son's plantar warts with bee propolis 70% tincture. It has very strong antiviral properties that modern medicine has not been able to duplicate. It is completely painless. For the 19 year old who struggles with the virus I would suggest taking a daily oral dose of propolis. Research has been done on 1500 mg/day but I take just 1000 mg/day and it is effective. I treated my son's wart once a day and it fell off after about 2 weeks.


You should never call anyone a fool for trying anything. You are the fool for spending soooooo much at the docs. Not everyone's virus is the same. It is good for you that it did work but there are countless people out there posting successful results with the home remedies. Hopefully for you the virus won't come back but if it does all I have to say is ahhh haaaa!

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