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sleepless in Chicago

Alcohol in any form, wine, mouthwash, Nyquil, etc - who knew this old wives tale worked so well especially with nerve pain. It seems to anesthetize the area on contact. Next must go to dentist you can actually die from an abcessed tooth at very least have infected tooth pulled before it spreads to the rest of your teeth. See following excerpt... Untreated tooth abscess is very dangerous. If abscessed tooth left untreated, the tooth infection can spread and you can lose your tooth or have other health problems. Left untreated, tooth abscess may compromise the immune system and in some cases may become life-threatening. A tooth abscess complication includes tooth loss, jaw bone damage, neighboring tooth damage or loss, sinus problems, brain abscess, heart damage, hospitalization, coma, and even death.
Some more tooth abscess complications that have been very much explained already: Facial Disfigurement as it eats away the facial bones; teeth falling out as the tooth abscess destroys the jaw holding the tooth; the picture is pretty gruesome.

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Praying and still searching.....

Thank you for the info.... I came on this site looking for a cure not just pain relief....... Yes the pain is sever and frustrating because it seems never ending and for the most part only getting worse. Without insurance or any way to get antibiotics I feel as if I'm fighting a loosing battle.

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