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I found a cure for horse mange and have been using it on my Akitas

2 oz Iodine and 1 bottle baby shampoo. lather them up, leave on for 20 min. wash off
They stop itching at once and the hairs grows back in a couple days.

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I tried the borax/peroxide solution on my German Shephard, and the itching continued. I then tried the desitin treatment and the relief was instantaneous. However, she is a VERY large, long haired shephard and it was too difficult to spread the cream to all the areas needing treatment. I then decided to give the iodine a try and I am AMAZED at the results! The itching stopped immediately, and the areas where the mites are have begun to heal and hair is growing back asfter just a couple of days! She looks beautiful again and I have my girl back with her happy disposition! While she was still wet with the iodine shampoo she managed to lick herself for a few minutes when I wasn't looking and it gave her an upset stomach. When I retreat her, I will put a hood on her to make sure she doesn't ingest any of the iodine. Thanks for this great tip!


will this work on cats? will it hurt them. please reply.


If you get the oral form of iodine (best to use Lugols solution) it is perfectly fine to ingest. The topical rub, however, has stabilizers that will make them very sick.

Beauty's mom

I just used the iodine (2.5\\% tincture) and made a concoction out of 1/4 teaspoon of the tincture, a squirt of the gentle dog shampoo I use and added some water. Lathered it in all over and rinsed off. She tried to like her feet before I put the cone on, but it was much less urgently than before and has not scratched anywhere with her back feet. I must say it is a huge improvement. I bought the hydrogen peroxide and borax earlier but my intuition said not to do that - I ran a cleaning cycle through my washer using the hydrogen peroxide and added the borax to the wash of the blankets that my dog sleeps on. Yesterday, after determining she probably has sarcoptic mange/mites, I shook diatomaceous earth all over the beds, blankets, and my dog as well as using some cedarwood essential oil on her and sprinkling that over the beds, finally used coconut oil before bedtime on her bare patches where she has scratched off her hair. These may have all helped. My friend also suggested colloidal silver which I have been putting drops in her ears for a few days (low grade ear infection that I now suspect may be from the mites) and her ear looks better. I am going to use shea butter tonight before bed. So far, the iodine seems to be the most noticeable improvement but I will likely keep on with most of these for a few weeks to oust the wee buggers. Hope this is helpful!

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