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I wanted to thank everyone on my home remedies for their stories and advice. My story is typical. Woke up with a toothache that felt as if someone hit me in the mouth with a ball peen hammer. This was a Friday night and I didn't want to call my dentist 'for an emergency visit' and support his 'Porsche fund' so I came online and found this site. I attacked the bear with a 3 part plan. First I used Ibuprofen 2 tabs every 5 to 6 hours. Second I rinsed my mouth with salt water, again every 5 to 6 hours and third I would apply oil of clove on the tooth area making sure I added a small amount of olive oil. The Ibuprofen cut the pain down to about a 2, the salt rinse also added some pain relief and cleaned the tooth site, and the oil of clove with OO help with pain and is a good antiseptic. Well I must say it work wonders, I made it through the weekend and didn't have to support my dentist's need for speed. Until I get his bill. Thanks again.

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I use clove oil if I can find it , ground tylenol works well if the tooth is broken, rum or whisky rises help but only temporary, and when nessessary i compound my pain killers, in 2 hour intervals, 1000 mg of ex strength tylenol, and 1000 mg of ibuprofen, and for some reason , don't let it touch your teeth , but on occasion when nothing else works drinking coca cola works, not pepsi, not reg cola products, only coca cola, drink casual, cold, and if its gonna work it will in about 40 to 45 min, or about a litre to a litre and 1/2, ?? might not work for you but works for me, also , try pepermint extract if you cannot find clove oil, or grind down a whole clove with a nail file or something. when it hurts try em all ,, remember its not to fix the problem , only to deal with the pain. I found rubbing the area only works with phantom pains. and vodka does not work like dark alcohols for some reason..


Even it doesn't work, your sense of humor made me smile, and took my mind off the pain for a few minutes!!

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