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kayla tate

Asyou all know , genetal herpes cannot be cured , once you have it , you haveit for life. But there are ways to help the infection heal faster and not hurt as much ..
What i do when i get a outbreak , is soak in a hot bath with 2 cups of epsom salt . When i get out i dry the area carefully , and i use extra sensetive baby wipes , and open my private area with two fingers. i then use the wipes n clean along the walls of my labias and the top of my clitorous .. this will hurt , but the area will be completely cleaned. then i use vitamin a&d on the sores. also if you need to urinate n cant because its painful , the best thing to do is take a toliet paper roll and use that to seperate your labia and pee through that .. its a excellent way to prevent burning. HOPE THIS HELPS

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It really is not good to sit in water during an outbreak!... You shouLd shower during this time!... The tylenol works great it numbs your area and dries it up. I did this for two nites and it works!

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