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i swear this works if your throat is sore a spoon full of peanut butter helps alot it knocks the pain right out the window this was passed down to me by many generations and it really works cause i use it for me and my daughter.

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told u guys it worked


I am going to try to see if it works... hopefully it will


OMG.. I thought that it wasn't going to work but it actually did. Wow!! I am so amazed.. thanks for the great remedy, it is so amazing.


Good to go..


i hope that it will work i have to sing in front of an audience today


omg omg it acturally worked it barely hurts anymore

thank for who ever knew about this remedie


Man that crap doesn't work! I guess different stokes for different folks!


just gave it a try for my 11yr old who has been agonizing all far so good and she's getting some protein in her too. we'll check in in a few to see if it's lasting. thx


i am 11 and i get a sore throat 2 time a month it really works thanks u are a life saver


Oh my gosh, this worked perfectly. How have I never tried this before??

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