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A really fast easy way that I use is take a q tip and dip the end of it in mouth wash. look in the mirror and hold it on there for about a minute. watch as the white turns into the normal color of your gum. it might hurt a little at first but you can't feel it at all after the bacteria is killed. keep the q tip on there until the pain goes away. if you do this 2-3 times a day, it'll go away in about a day.

just don't keep touching them like you always do!

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Lol how you know I'm touching it :) this sounds painful. But I will try anyways. I try the salt and warm water one, but this time around Im hoping this will work.


I tried it and i thought it worked fine.. I had 2 right beside eachother and i tried it on one and it worked right away it feels so much better.. Thank you for this one.. Salt water wasnt working for me i did it so many times a day nothing happened. I'm so thankful you posted this..


Omg I Love Youu ! It Workeddddd ! Yayy I can tell cause before it was big and FULLY WHITE now that I did it a couple of times you can see the white disappering and now my mouth feels SO MUCH BETTER ! Thankss SOO MuCHH ! (:

Kelsie (:

Thank you . So so much . I tried this for the first time right before i went to bed , One of mine instantly turned back to my 'gum color ' and the second one Is HUGE so it might take a few times for this one. and the third one actually went numb . I am going to do this tomorrow 3 or 4 times a day . and continue it .


OMG thank you!!:) my mouth feel so much better. this is the only remedy that actually helped me.

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