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I am a natural red head, and I get burnt from just driving without sunscreen on my arm..It's ridiculous so you can imagine how many different remedies I have tried, and Aloe only irritates my skin and makes me I tried using baking powder that was in the freezer and put some cold water in it and made a paste, then rubbed it all over my sunburn. It works! I can be as red as a tomato and within two days after putting it on three times a day then rinsing it off with cool water it's gone. It's AMAZING! Honestly I have never felt more relief than I have from this. Take it from a redhead who lives in Florida.

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i will try that i hope it works een out on sun all day serioulsly all day so thx for the addvice


Is it baking soda or powder?


Does not work!!!!!!!!!!!!
a waste of time!!!!!!!!!!!
Makes it way worse!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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