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Hi...I have also discovered that heat helps with my RLS symptoms. In researching the problem I discovered that RLS can be caused by taking Elavil (Amitriptyline) which was prescribed to me to help me with nerve pain, sleep problems, depression, etc. The benefits of taking Elavil were better than having RLS. SO...I started with a heat pad and then decided that an electric blanket or electric mattress pad does the same thing! About an hour before turning in, I turn on the electric blanket to high. When I crawl into bed I switch the temperature to a 4 and just keep it there for the rest of the night. Amazing results! If you're a bath person taking a warm bath will definitely help here. Personally, I'm a shower person. If I need to travel I will just take a hot pad or two with me to help with the symptoms. The irony here is this summer we will be running central air conditioning and I will be using an electric blanket for RLS. LIFE!!! Always throwing us a curve ball!!!

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my RLS is keeping me up so I googled it. Was surprised that Elavil could be the culprit. I've been on it for nerves in my legs. thanks for the posting.

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