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i had been dealing with psoriasis for 18 yrs.i was covered 70% of my body,elbows,scalp,face,knees,legs,buttocks & back.i also had prostate cancer.after prostate surgery i was given anti-inflammatory shots every 3 hrs for pain.didn't think anything of it but after getting home in 2 week period i started seeing improvement on my body.i thought it would come back like it always does.i started bathing with grisi sulfur soap for acne & felt my body very soft & smooth. also used bath soaps with aloe vera. for head i used head & shoulders & combination of neutrogena coal tar (blue cap) & salycic acid (red cap).for body lotion i used palmers cocoa butter formula for stretchh marks on my arms and face & jergens naturals hydrate with jojoba oils & agave extract mixed with eucerin plus intensive lotion on my legs & abdomen.continued seeing improvements.i talk to homeopathic doctor which in turn gave me some drops to take every 2 hrs and one every 12 hrs which would help me feel calm & relaxed plus a liquid to put topically on affected areas. i used this liquid mixed it with body lotions & continue seeing improvement. went to doctor & he told me i was vitamin d defficient so he told me to take caltrate. also i told him about the anti-inflammatory shot i was given in hosptal after surgery so he gave me an anti-inflammatroy shot which i dont know name of and some topical oinment clobetasol propionate gel 0.05% & i continue seeing improvement. now i no longer have red, scaly patches on my body and scalp. i can see where the psoriasis was but i also can see my skin is soft & smooth. i am very excited to see my psoriasis in control. don't know when/if it will come back but i will continue to enjoy my new skin. i dont know what did it but i will continue to use all of these products. another thing i saw which might be related is that i was constipated big time. after surgery started using miralax every 3-4 days or when needed and it helped me to do bathroom like never before. i don't abuse it just use it when need it. i try to go by myself everytime. i think my body let go of toxins by going to bathroom. i also drink organic milk, lots of fruits and more vegetables. also drink lots of v-8 fusions & reservatol fruit drink which i bought at walmart.drink fiji water or any astesian water. recommend warm baths with dead sea salts for some relief. i would see that after going to the beach i also would see some improvement but psoriasis would come back.dead sea salts i beleive help to hydrate the i am ecstatic with my results.hope it works for any of you.

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hi, first wish you all the best ,if you may please give your self a break , check the alkaline diet and gluten free diet , there's also Dr.sebi check on youtube can hopefully heal you soon,
also check your PH ,i did cupping treatment, help me .but offcourse the main issue is our ammune system.wish you the best .
if you need any further inf email me

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