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I have ben getting boils 4 awhile (not knowing what they were and y they were reoccuring) and i kept popping them only to have them spread more! Ugh! So i tried Boil Ease- but dont waste your doesnt even bring it 2 a healing point. So i kept reading on here about Ichthammol and Campho and i went and bought both of them 2day.(bcuz im just that desperate 2 get these things away). I cleaned the area and applied Icthammol 1st 4 a few hrs and then recleaned the area and applied the Campho Phenique. I got both from Walgreens 4 $20 altogether. Its been 2 hours since ive applied the Campho and im noticing the boil is turning white. Im going 2 reapply it b4 going to bed- but what does the head look like that everybdy is talking about? How do it remove it 2 decrease it reoccuring?

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The head as some call it is the white part you're referring to.


Oh ok! Thanks Jitterbug 4 the info! Now that gives me hope that it works! How do we stop them from reoccuring?


After battling with these thing for months went to the doctor, recurring boils are a staff infection in the skin and can only be permanently resolved with antibiotics! you can drain them at home to get rid of them, but you will keep getting them until you take a specific antibiotic for the infection.


You may have a desease known as hydradenitis supperativa. I have had it for 20 years. Antibiotics will only be a short term help. I recommend that you go to Webmd and read the description of H.S. then discuss it with your doctor. I went undiagnosed for 10 of those years. Took every intibiotic under the sun. With HS there is no Staff infection to cure. I've had blood work and cultures done on the puss from my boils but there is no infection to fight. No bacteria no staff infection. It's cause is not known.
I hope this is not the case but its better to find out early. There are hundred of support groups for this. Also many natural herbs that help alot.
I have a support group on FaceBook. HS and Glutlen free. Herbs and diet used to help living with HS. Hope this info helps.


My husband has this boil that continues to grow and so we got the campo phenique and applied for 3 nights and with no results. Now we are trying something else that I will tell you about when it does the job.

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