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Be sure to maintain a clean and healthy colon, as this will minimize the appearance of varicose veins.

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How do I clean my colon? ANy ideas? Preferably stuff that I don't have to go out and buy at a store?


most drug store in canada have a colon wash kit reusable. 10$ good for 20 years.
use water you can trust. now I use a colon seringe so much faster.almost as good


what does my colon have to do with varicose veins

lala36 has an excellent colon cleanser!


It's not just about using the products as much as it is as using them 100% pperorly ?Skin ID works wellMake sure you use an acne face washtoner (essential) witch hazeland spot treat all acne with cream. AM and PMBe sure to also do a mask once a weekand take vitamins a e and c and zincand small healthy doses of the sun help acne a lot.

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