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Jill from Ky

Well first I want to start off and say that I don't have a remedy, and I've ready alot of you guys' post. Just reading these calm me down. I have been having these anxiety attacks with my first being in 2006, ever since then they have gotten worse. I'm so glad that in my misery I find hope by reading that I'm not the only one I do pray alot when I feel one coming on and try and breath. These are really starting to take over my life and I also don't like to travel long distances alone. I have a daughter who is 15 months and I really just want to be able to enjoy my ever day life with her instead of having to worry about having an anxiety attack. I'm trying to learn what really triggers them. it seems as if I'm dating someone or on the go I'm fine. Some people just don't understand how serious these are and what they do to the people that suffer on a day to day basis. I'm just glad to see I'm not the only one and I will be trying some of the remedies I've read today God Bless You guys!

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My back so much pain,and I cnt eat I lost appitite I felt like there is bubles or muscle constraction in my stomach and like electric shock moving any part of my body,and hot and cold flash.and my tummy I can hear the horibble sounds,and flatulnce and water sounds,my ears also when I chew I hear the sound.sometime my eye painful and my back head too you think its anxiety.please help me....I am waitng for your comment tnx.

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