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I feel for all of you that have it or have had swimmers ear and im glad to inform you that doctors are retarded or atleast the one i seen was he perscribed me ear drops ok common sence guys really why give drops if i got the damn swimmers ear from to much liquid in my ear already ok that just made it worse so no drops the thing that really did the trick and it sounds crazy but if you have a smoker in the family have him/her blow cigarette smoke in your ear the hear from the smoke and the fact that its a dry gas helps to dry out your ear and it does the trick in like a couple of days just do it like 3-4 times a day

comment if you try or have tried i want to know results

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For anyone reading this comment, please do not try this!

For the person who actually wrote this post:
Firstly, doctors are not retarded.
Secondly, that will cause a really bad infection.
Thirdly, you have no idea what you're talking about and you're grammar and spelling only make you sound less intelligent.

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