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I feel for all of you that have it or have had swimmers ear and im glad to inform you that doctors are retarded or atleast the one i seen was he perscribed me ear drops ok common sence guys really why give drops if i got the damn swimmers ear from to much liquid in my ear already ok that just made it worse so no drops the thing that really did the trick and it sounds crazy but if you have a smoker in the family have him/her blow cigarette smoke in your ear the hear from the smoke and the fact that its a dry gas helps to dry out your ear and it does the trick in like a couple of days just do it like 3-4 times a day

comment if you try or have tried i want to know results

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Tracy from North Carolina - home of RJ Reynolds Tobacco

Cigarette Smoke!!!!!! Are you on drugs?????

Any moron who believes cigarette smoke should be used to cure an ailment is smoking something stronger than tobacco.

And by the way, to the other poster who commented on the 'period' . . . extremely funny!!!!!


Cigarette smoke contains about 4,000 chemical agents, including over 60 carcinogens including substances, such as carbon monoxide, tar, arsenic, cyanide, benzene, formaldehyde, methanol, acetylene, ammonia, lead.

Some of the carcinogenic substances found in tobacco smoke are:
Tar - used to tarmac roads.
Arsenic - very potent deadly poison.
Cadmium and nickel - used in batteries.
Vinyl chloride - used to make vinyl products. Short-term exposure causes dizziness, headaches and tiredness. Long-term exposure can lead to cancer and liver damage.
Creosote - a component of tar. If inhaled it can cause irritation of the respiratory tract.
Formaldehyde - a preservative substance used in forensic labs. It causes cancer in humans and in animals.
Polonium 210 - a radioactive substance that requires special handling techniques when studied in labs. It can cause cancer of the liver and bladder, stomach ulcers, leukaemia amongst other diseases.
Other irritant toxins that are found in cigarette smoke are:
Ammonia - a pungent colourless gas used in many cleaning products such as window or glass cleaner.
Acetone - the main component of nail varnish remover.
Acrolein - an extremely toxic substance used to manufacture acrylic acid. It is considered a possible human carcinogen and it irritates the lungs and is the cause of emphysema.
Hydrogen cyanide - deadly toxic poison used to kill rats. If breathed in in small doses, it can cause headaches, dizziness and weakness.
Carbon monoxide - a deadly gas if inhaled in enclosed spaces. Faulty and leaking gas heaters, boilers, stoves and tobacco smoke all produce this gas.
Toluene - used to manufacture paint, paint thinners, nail varnish and adhesives. Low - moderate levels can provoke tiredness, weakness, loss of appetite and memory loss.


If anyone is an idiot, it's you! You really should try listening to your doctor. I'll bet if you actually do what he told you, the ear would get better.


The Period is two keys to the RIGHT of the M NOT the LEFT!!!!!!!!!


Everyone loves to be mean, don't they? I find it funny and sad, to see so many people trying to get a dig in on someone because of puctuation, spelling or grammer. Where is the H-E-L-P in that?
I wonder if a native american shaman knew how to spell at all, or as well as a few of you wanna-be Harvard grads?
The critics of your advice sound like idiots, not the advice giver. I am an adult and I can make my own choices, as to who'd credible, and who is not.


hey all you retards who commented how dumb it was to do that can fuck off cuz it worked for me to and what are you an english teacher cuz i dont see why u give a damn about his grammer cuzz i really could care less just cuz spelling is hard for you doesent mean your not smart im not a good speller either but i proably have more common sense then most of you dumb asses who commented on this.


wow, its a home remedy site, not a slam the commentator site, anger issues anyone??


Wow... just wow. Home remedies site indeed.


the cigarette smoke thing does work, I remember as a child a family friend blew cigar smoke in my ear and it took the pain away very well.


This worked for me as a child and it has worked on my children! Dont judge someone if you haven't tried it. There are plenty of the options to choose from if you dont like this one then simply dont do it. Thats whatsoever wrong with the world today, ppl have problems and insecurities of their own so they bash others to feel better. Maybe you should try and smoke somethin to feel better.


You really need to go back to elementary school. There are two hears, here and hear. hear is what you do with your ears.

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