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I feel for all of you that have it or have had swimmers ear and im glad to inform you that doctors are retarded or atleast the one i seen was he perscribed me ear drops ok common sence guys really why give drops if i got the damn swimmers ear from to much liquid in my ear already ok that just made it worse so no drops the thing that really did the trick and it sounds crazy but if you have a smoker in the family have him/her blow cigarette smoke in your ear the hear from the smoke and the fact that its a dry gas helps to dry out your ear and it does the trick in like a couple of days just do it like 3-4 times a day

comment if you try or have tried i want to know results

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i tried that too...i still have it..they say put alcohol in it to and fall asleep w/ it in your dries it out


duh, those ear drops are actually liquid antibiotics that help dry it out; just like alcohol is a liquid, but still dries it out.


smoke is also the cause of ear infections in infants


Isn't blowing smoke in another orifice of the body another phrase for feeding someone a line?


Actually the drops worked for me when i had swimmers ear so im assuming your either too stupid to try it, or too stupid to do it right. :)


T-O-O much, P-R-E-S-C-R-I-B-E-D, etc - Spelling that should have, but wasn't gained in elementary is not too late to learn because there are SO many ways to forward your own personal education ..... and not create ANOTHER generation with the same communication handicaps that you have, Create better than you, that's what every parent should seek for their children - other than contaminating their health with cigarette smoke in the name of love! Great home environment you have! You remove ANY credibility from your advice because you haven't attempted to make your own English skills reach 3rd grade level.


Are you really serious. You think since you have swimmers ear, using a liquid to clear it up wont work. Now thats a smart way of thinking...NOT!! Smoke in the ear? That can't even be normal to do. I had an ear infection so bad that it busted my ear drum. finally buckled down and went to the doc. They gave me Antibiotics that did nothing to help, so i asked for antibiotic drops because I have used them before. In a day, the pain started fading. In 3 days the swelling started going down. It took me about 3 months to regain hearing in that ear from the busted ear drum but point is, the drops were the cure for mine


i tried it and that didnt work


I would strongly STRONGLY advise against this. Cigarette smoke is among the leading causes of ear infections. Why risk turning a case of swimmer's ear into a full blown infection??? HOWEVER, the theory isn't all bad. A hair dryer on low and far enough away from your ear to cause damage does the same trick without the risk. :o)


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It's called a 'period'. It ends a sentence. You should look for it on your keyboard. Normally, its two keys to the left of the 'm'....but then again, you probably don't know which way 'left' is, do you?

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